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The ABCs of Back-to-School Messes

The ABCs of Back-to-School Messes

  • The start of the school year usually means the beginning of a whole new variety of messes too. Here are some A+ ways to handle them with ease.

The ABCs of Back-to-School Messes

  • 1. Ink Stains

    Solution: Hair Spray

    Sometimes it seems like kids get more ink on their clothes than their paper. The alcohol in hair spray neutralizes the pigment in ink stains so they disappear no problem. Just spray a bit of it on the stain and gently scrub before washing.

Ink Stains
  • 2. Unidentified Stains

    Solution: Hair Spray

    Let’s face it, kids get into everything and there are some stains even a professor can’t help you identify. Fortunately, this simple cleaner you can make at home takes care of a variety of messes. Mystery solved.

  • 3. Kitchen Disasters

    Solution: Keep these kitchen essentials on hand

    Growing minds need lots of food. Which also means lots of messes. Thankfully, this reliable line-up of must-have tools, sponges, brushes and clothes will have you ready to teach any spill or stain a lesson or two.

Unidentified Stains
  • 4. Grease on New Clothes

    Solution: Cornstarch

    The kids are so excited to get their back to school clothes and so quick to spill something on them. No worries! As we all learned in science class, cornstarch is amazing at absorbing grease. Just rub some into the stain and let sit before laundering in hot water and detergent.

Grease on New Clothes
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