• Lovely Laundry

    If the kitchen is the heart, your laundry room is the backbone of your home. Stock a handy supply tote for the thrills (and spills) your family tosses your way.

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Once you gather all the tools to tackle this room, you can use our printable checklist to be sure you don’t miss any spots

Get the Tools

  • Lint Roller

    The only lint roller made with Scotch adhesive

  • Easy Eraser

    Removes dirt, smudges, and scuffs from most solid surfaces. Even removes crayon and marker. Cleans without sprays or cleaners -- just use water.

  • Dusting Cloth

    Whether you need to lift and trap dust and want to do it without chemicals, or you're looking for a streak-free, scratch-free clean, this dusting cloth is your new best asset.

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